Forgotten Fate

Angry Clogs

When the group returned to their room, Oniji explained to them that he recognized the man who joined them. He was known as Blood Hound and was a really well known bounty hunter. However, he had known some men who had claimed a bounty once and had celebrated the night before they earned their koku, and Blood Hound had turned in the prize.

Immediately, Takosha investigates her back to find the Maho-Tsuki’s head missing. The group checked all of their bags, finding that their letters from Doji Heiji were still with them. It appeared the head was the only thing missing.

Yae immediately, and appropriately, stomped downstairs to speak with the proprietor about their missing belongings. He apologized perphusely, upgrading the entire group to a suite, a four bedroom location with an adjoining livingroom and great view. As he continues to serve tea and apologize, he calls a runner to call upong the investigator immediately.

A ronin appears an hour later. He shows no school mons, but instead introduces himself as the Investigator, and works quickly to obtain all the information about what happened and what was missing. A short time later he asks the group to come downstairs, he had found a lead.

Before them and the Investigator stood a smaller man, obviously peasant. The man explains that he was paid a whole koku to keep an eye out for any “crab bags” and to report back. When he had reported it back, he was ordered to take the head, and only the head, out and bring it back to him.

An arguement amongst the group, the peasant, and the Investigator ensues, debating on the legality of the peasant doing as he was ordered by a samurai and who was to blame for the theft.


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