Forgotten Fate

Duel at Jellyfish Inn

The peasant identifies his friend and contact as Tokumo, the same man who had delivered the wrapping paper for the Present Game with Yae a few weeks back! Tokuma is fetched for as the group settles in for tea and a late dinner, waiting for him.

As they wait, the two women from the bath house settle into a table just a few seats down from them. And ten minutes later, Blood Hound comes down and orders tea, sitting at an angle across from the group.

Tokumo arrives shortly after, looking between the three groups nervously. Standing in the center of the restaurant, he is questioned by the Investigator about the orders he gave the peasant, who is currently near the back of the Inn. He nodds and agrees that he did order the servant to keep an eye out. He explains that he works as a middle-man, introducing a want/desire to someone in need. He called it a “go-between”. When questioned who, exactly, he was going between on this particular job, however, Tokuma looks uncomfortable between the groups sitting around him and the air of confidence and pride he had at his job deflates. Instead, he refuses to say anything.

Under duress, however, Toyan was able to identify that the reason Tokumo is not saying anything to prevent lying & still save soemthing. Toyan left his seat to stand in between Tokumo and Blood Hound. Making the action very symbolic, he explained to Tokumo that he will protect him from whatever problems he may be in, including his family, if only he could express where his fear was from. At the mention of family, Tokumo’s eyes widened, confirming Toyan’s suspicions.

Slowly, through the cotton his mouth, Tokumo explained that the man known as Blood Hound had paid him 5 koku to have someone keep an eye out, and eventually remove, a crab bag from anyone who brought one back. Blood Hound stood, showing he was almost taller than Takashi and looked down at Tokumo.

Before he had a chance, Takashi and Yae were running towards the front of the Inn to obtain their blades. Toyan was keeping a hand on his wakizashi and making sure he was between Blood Hound and Tokumo. Before Takosha had a chance to summon upon the Kami, the Investigator had run up beside Toyan and thrusted his fan out to Blood Hound. “I challenge you to a duel, do you accept?”

A pin could be heard afterwards; some upset they didn’t have the chance to fight this samurai off, others relieved by the safety a duel would provide. Blood Hound chuckled and looked between the combatants. Chuckling to himself, he accepted. The Investigator indicated he had no swords with him, and requested Toyan to be his champion. Smiling in understanding, Toyan gladly accepted and escorted Blood Hound outside for the duel.

It was quick, as the training of the Kakita Duelist Academy had taught Akodo Toyan. In a blink, his katana was being sheathed. Blood Hound knew what had happened in that blink. Not only had he lost the duel, but a deep cut was now on his chest, following exactly the scar that had been seen in the bathhouse.

Afterwards, the Investigator puts Blood Hound under house arrest until the rest of his crimes are confirmed. For now, he is found guilty of breech of etiquette, threatening bodily harm to a fellow samurai and trechery against the City of the Rich Frog. To Takosha’s dismay, however, he is not charged with theft, since he was not the one to take the belongings. When Toyan questions how the Investigator had the authority to approve the Duel, and charge these crimes, the Investigator, almost bashfully, admits he is a local Magistrate for the city.


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