Forgotten Fate

Life of a Bounty Hunter

In response to the startling information Yasurai provided, Takosha calls upon the Kami to find out if Yasurai could speak with them. However, she discovered how difficult it is to find out when working with the whims & attention of the Kami.

The Earth Kami within the tree Yasurai had claimed to speak with was old, making its memory hard to work with. When it was asked if there were any people nearby fitting Yasurai’s description, it explained that “Many long ages ago, yes. Recently, there have been few.” Her second question asked if the girl she had just described was the one who spoke about a fire at the funeral pyre. It answered, “Previously, none. This one you mean, asked. This one chanted and had intent. But no prayer completed.”

Almost disappointed that Yasurai had not shown the ability to speak with the Kami, the group packed themselves up, thanked their Lion comrads, and headed back. The travel this time was uneventful as they walked the week back to the City of the Rich Frog.

The group stays the night at their normal place, the Jellyfish Inn. They order food, and tea, be sent up when they finished their baths and “rush” towards the bathhouse. For almost a half hour Yae attempts to convince and persuade Takosha to bathe and get some of the grime out of her hair. Eventually, with the threats of Takashi coming over there to force her to clean, Takosha finally caved.

The place was empty for a time, allowing Yasurai to splash around and Yae to completely work over Takosha’s hair. Near the end two women joined the bathhouse; one with a short, widow’s cut and another with long, very scorpion-esk features. On the other side a man with a long scar joined them, ordering sake as he settled in away from Toyan, Oniji, & Takashi.


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