Forgotten Fate

Passion After Battle

After the camp is made with the Lion boarder patrol, the group sits down to relax. Takashi shares a campfire with Matsu Seka, the Lion whom he had challenged for kills. Both of them are extremely wounded, but neither seem to notice as she offers to brew him Cherry Blossom Tea. Yae answers for him, accepting the tea. And in true Takashi fashion, starts to down each cup as it is offered to him. Eventually, he starts to bend etiquette by scooting closer to Seka.

On the other hand, Oniji is continuing to talk with Matsu Maryko, the one he had rescued during the waves of Bakemono just hours earlier.

All the while, Takosha speaks with the Kami and asks them to harden Yasurai’s mudpainting. After it becomes stone within the earth, Takosha grabs as many bushi as she can convince to help her pull the slab out of the earth so she can keep it. Not many people refuse to help after having witnessed the Commander’s response. Takosha promises the Commander that he will receive a copy of the painting once she can get it home.

Toyan sits quietly under a tree, writing in his travel book about what has transpired and inspired him.

It is late when all the severely wounded are cared for, thanks to Yae and Takosha. Monks from the small village have come to help aid the wounded, including Takashi and Seka, who have both been sitting at the campfire sharing tea and battle wounds. a monk shows up to wrap their wounds. Takashi spends half the time watching her “assets” as the monk field strips, wraps, and redresses her infront of him. Seka watches his face the entire time she is being wrapped and enjoys the view of Takashi’s naked chest.

Toyan spends his evening performing a tea ceremony to the Commander’s success and debating/discussing more on Bushido. Takashi spends the night with Seka and Oniji spends his night with Maryka. Yasurai spends the evening introducing Takosha to White Breadth, the straw doll she carries with her. After talking into the night, she also lets Takosha in on her secret of “clogless sandals”.

The next morning all of the camp meet near a clearing, where the three samurai who had perished the night before are set up for their funeral. Because they are not near home, or a proper city, Takosha volunteers to lead the local monks and samurai in prayer to complete the services. All stand in quiet as she starts the battle prayers of the Kami to let the souls rest, hoping they find their way and find no taint. In honor of their services, she beseeches the Kami one favor. She asks to see the men’s faces one last time as the flames consume them in their pyres. Everyone stands in quiet amazement as they see the fire at the end of each pyre take on the face of the man it will consume, before lighting the pyre. The small funeral is completed.

Afterwards, Takosha notices that Yasurai was missing from the funeral, having taken hiding behind a tree further away. When the group asked her what happened, she explained, “I’m not one of you. But I convinced him not to catch fire,” and patted a tree like her pet and smiled.


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