Forgotten Fate

Rumble in the Forest! Part 1

They have finally arrived, knowing they are less than a day away from the Maho-Tsuki’s tracks that Takashi and Oniji have been following. They know they are outside the safeties of the ronin city, and have either skirted close to or entered the Lion clanlands. This did not stop the group in their pursuit of the Maho.

A few hours in, using the canopy of the forest to protect them from the rain, they finally see her. Somehow she has managed to hire guards again, and a very large man with a katana and an average one with a chain flank the bush she is working from.

The battle is intense, dark magic being flung at our heroes as they rush for the Maho and her guards. Toyan’s swordarm is useless after a spell makes him lose control. However, his training helps and he starts to fight using his other arm, not as precise but better than the one influenced by blood-magic. Yae tries to sneak around from the rear, but is intercepted by the bushi with the chain. Takashi and Oniji flank the large bushi and together strike him down as Toyan charges the other side of the Maho, going for the side her guards have left. All the while, Takosha is casting spells to support her friends; setting one ablaze with intense heat and healing another.

Everything in the battle shifts, however, when the Maho laughs and bleeds herself instead of her guards. In a matter of moments, a rip in Jigoku opens, bringing forth an Oni. She calls to him, naming him Kyonshi no Oni and giving him power.

Yae continues her struggle with the chain bushi after having been grappled. Takashi and Oniji turn their attention on the Oni as Toyan bears his katana on the Maho. It is unclear why, but even though Oniji was getting deeper bites out of the oni with his no-daichi, the creature could not take its eyes (or claws) off Takashi.

In a few moments Takosha breathed, took aim as she spoke the prayers to her kami, and shot an intense ray of Jade at the Oni. The spell hit home, placing a burning hole in the middle of the undead oni’s chest and passing through Toyan harmlessly, striking its second target, the Maho herself. Both cry in anguish as their bodies shrivel, unable handle the taint burning inside.
After their deaths, the chain bushi stops fighting Yae and drops his weapon, an expression of anguish and confusion overpowering the aggression moments before. Yae starts to checks on everyone’s injuries as Takosha casts spells of healing on any of the severe wounds. Takashi and Toyan keep an eye on their “new friend”, but he doesn’t appear to be struggling or resisting as they bind him.


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