Forgotten Fate

Investigate the Rice Paddy Assault

First impressions may the most important, but the second impression should still be good. Unfortunately for Yae, she slept in on her very first morning with her new magistrate. Toshiro awaits outside her tent and continues to stand just inside her view, disapprovingly, until she has completely dismantled her tent.

As the group scales down the side of the cliffside (instead of taking the day to follow the road), Takashi rescues Yae from falling down the cliffside. Accomodations are provided by the mayor of the small village as they arrive near nightfall.

The group is then informed that they are here to investigate a suspicious attack in the Rice Paddies nearby. Kenako is invited into the mayor’s home to be interviewed about the attack. She explains that 3 weeks ago she met a stranger who wore brown clothes and had dark, shiny hair. She remembers his voice being very charming and friendly, although at one point she corrected herself and explained he sounded confused some of the time. Ever since the attack she has had a slight tremor in her right arm, which is the arm she had received a cut from, though she explains she doesn’t remember being attacked or what cut her. To complicate things more for her, she’s been unable to do as much work as she is supposed to in the paddies due to her growing light sensitivity. She fears she has been tainted, though her trip to the Temple showed no signs.

The group was undecided if they should end her life then based on the symptoms, but Toshiro decided they would look into before making a decision. He did, however, assign a few villagers the mayor trusted to keep a very close eye on her until they had completed their investigation.

Kenako offered to take the investigators out into the paddy she was attacked after she served them dinner. Takashi suggested she drink jade tea to help confirm she was not tainted. He used a few shades from his jade finger and the group watched as she drank, though nothing happened.

Afterwards, Rankiku asked the men to stay behind as she and Yae inquired into a few more “female” details. Toshiro kept his ear to the women as they walked out, but made no attempt to stop them. Yae questioned Kenako into whether she had been violated or if she had any more details she was afraid/embarrassed/ashamed to talk about. In surprise, Kenako almost shouted her denial, though she did admit that when she woke up in the paddies, she was missing her socks.


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