Forgotten Fate

Trialing Cave

Ogres and goblins united

Yae’s luck continues to turn against her as she falls off the cliff to a cave they saw twice. Thankfully her magistrate was able to catch her and Toyan offered some of his spirit to help her succeed up the cliff. Rankiku takes the time as they are brushing themselves off to lecture Toshiro for ripping Yae’s kimono. Before he can respond to her accusations, however, Takashi takes off his straw hat and puts it on Rankiku’s head before entering the cave.

After everyone struggles to make a torch, Takashi is able to get the failed materials and puts one together. Moving down a misshaped hall, they find a dozen Bakemono and a warmonger. As everyone draws their blades, a man rushes into the room and goes into a defensive stance. Everyone noticed in the flickering light that he was in a dirty brown kimono. The fight doesn’t become truly intense until the warmonger lights himself on fire! The goblins scream “Pokey Pokey” as they attack Rankiku, having been blinded by the torch in Yae’s hand. Takashi takes the warmonger out as Yae chases the man in brown who runs the second he could.

Takashi and Toshiro flank the man and return him to the bloody room. He frantically explains they need to leave due to a “large, green creature with a horn in its mouth”. Takashi is able to identify it as an ogre.

Working together, they come up with a plan to deal with the Ogre. Takashi and Toshiro lure the ogre out of it’s lair and into the winding tunnels with a humming bulb, which bounced harmlessly off it’s chest. In the time, however, they discover that the Ogre has been sharing it’s lair with 2 more warmongers and half a dozen more bakemono! The team was able to keep the tainted creatures funneled at the end of the winding tunnel and pick them off one by one. Everyone came away unscathed from this fray unharmed, except Takashi who took a club hit from the Ogre before it fell. However, his crab-training proved powerful as he continued to stand and fight after the savage attack.


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