Forgotten Fate

Fun and Bounty

That night Takashi looks around the City of the Rich Frog and finds a “fighting ring” in an alley. Even though it was made up of primarily Ronin, there were a few family names enjoying the Jiujutsu contests and making bets. Takashi himself wins 3 rounds before he and a male Miyoko knock each other out, making it a draw and the most talked about match of the night. The following morning Takashi offers everyone tea and is almost glowing in his great mood.

The group returns to Mayor Sumitomo’s manor to complete the Maho-Tsuki’s Bounty. In return for all of their help, including maintaining the City’s honor and finishing so quickly, they are all rewarded. Each samurai receives 5 koku each for the actual bounty, and an additional gift as the “finder’s fee” that he had mentioned in their first meeting.

Takashi received a fine quality, red crab-designed No-Dachi.

Toyan received a fine quality sumi box and a 1st edition Book of Doji Barahime.

Yae received an excellent quality courtier’s kimono with a red base and black trim/patches (various patterns of bayushi & scorpion mons) and was informed it would be this upcoming winter’s fashion.

Oniji received a fine quality daisho stand.

Everyone thanks their host as they leave to spend their new fortune. They take their time restocking supplies for their travels back to their home providence. Yae took this time to search for information with Oniji to find a return present for Kachiro. They discovered he was somewhere at the fighting ring, although were not informed of Takashi’s fights.


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