Akodo Toyan

Soft-hearted Lion, trained as a Kakita Duelist


Akodo Toyan is an average height at 5’6" lion samurai. The fact that he is lion clan is a clash compared to his school, a Kakita Duelist and his appearance is a blend between the two. His hair is natural blond that is in a low pony tail that goes down to the middle of his back. One streak of his hair is bleached white, for the cranes. toyan has shown that he is an expert in iaijutsu and knowledgable in bushido. Due to the amount of honor that is almost palpable around him, his knowledges is understandable. His katana looks well used but taken care of with a simple golden hilt and crossguard with a thread of blue spiraling the center. His kimono is entirely in lion colors escept for the spot that is put for his school, then a little more blue than usual is woven in. He has shown a personal intrest in poetry and has proven good if basic at it. His beliefs about the world are odd due to he believes that rokuganies should not die by mortal hands and does not wish to kill them. Because of his love for bushido some may call him naive or to forgiving but he believes that thinking that people can possible change has what let Oniji join the group.

Rank: 2
Insight: 150/175
Ep: 14
Clan: Lion
School: Kakita Duelist
Honor: 7.9——Glory: 1——Status: 1

Earth: 2
Water: 2
Air: 3
Fire: 2——Agility: 3
Void: 3

*Etiquette: 3
*Iaijutsu (Focus): 5
*Kenjutsu (Katana): 4
*Kyujutsu: 1
*Sincerity: 2
*Tea Ceremony: 3
*Lore – Bushido: 3
Poetry: 2
Lore – Poetry: 1
Meditation: 2
Medicine: 1

--Different School (5): Kakita Dueling Academy
--Quick (6): If you did not act first during a Combat Round, during the Reactions Stage of combat you may add your Reflexes Trait to the total of your Initiative Score for all subsequent rounds of this skirmish. May be done each Round that you did not act first.
--Virtuous (3): You possess an additional rank of Honor above your normal starting value.

--Gullible (4): Opponents attempting to use Sincerity (Deceit) against you gain a bonus of +1k1 to
the total of their rolls.
--Idealistic (3): Whenever you lose Honor, the loss is increased by 1 point.
--Soft-Hearted (2): When faced with the opportunity to kill another human, you must succeed at a Willpower (TN 20) or you are unable to do so. If you do kill another, the TNs of all rolls are increased by +10 for one day as you are wracked with guilt.

Sturdy Clothing
Daisho Stand
Bowyer’s Kit
Bottle of Dye
Book of Bushido
Tea Set (Ceremony)
Poetry Book
Small Knife


Tainted Bushi
Kyonshi no Oni

Akodo Toyan

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