Asako Makiya

Loremaster of the Phoenix


Rank: 1
Clan: Phoenix
School: Asako Loremaster
Ep: 6
Insight: 142/150

Honor: 6.5——Glory: 1——Status: 1

Earth: 2
Water: 2
Air: 3
Fire: 2——Intelligence: 3
Void: 2

--Hero of the People (2): When interacting with peasants, the TN to be recognized is reduced by 10.
--Precise Memory (3): Add +1k1 to a Raw Int roll when required to recall exact detail.
--Servant (Scribe-Satoshi) (4):“Follower” qualities in a scribe servant.
--Sage (4): You are always considered to have a 1 Skill in any Lore.
--Kharmic Tie (1):

  • Sakyo (true loved) – Once per session, gain an additional +1k1 to any “attack” roll made in defense of this person.
  • (1): Makoya (Twin) – Once per session, gain an additional +1k1 to any “attack” roll made in defense of this person.

--Small (3)
--Allergy – Sushi (3): Allergic reaction if eats Sushi and its similar products.
--Low Pain Threshold (4): TNs when injured are increased by +5.
--Rumormonger (5): When an opportunity to spread rumors is available, must make a Willpower Roll vs TN 5x Highest Glory in conversation.
--True Love (3): Whenever you must choose between love and duty, you must spend a Void Point before you can choose duty over your lover.

*Courtier (Gossip): 4
*Etiquette (Courtesy): 3
*Meditation: 1
*Sincerity: 3
*Lore – History (Crab, Phoenix): 3
*Lore – Theology (Fortunes): 1
*Lore – Heraldry: 3
Lore – Shadowlands: 1
Defense: 1
Calligraphy: 2
Kyujutsu (Yumi): 3
Games – Sadane: 1
Investigation: 2
Perform – Storytelling: 1

Sensible Clothing
Yumi – Low Quality
Furoshiki Sack
Fine Quality Kimono/sandals
Calligraphy Set
Coin Purse
Courtier’s Fan
Tea Set
Extensive collection of Hairpins
Makeup Kit
Sake Cup
Small Hand Mirror
Week’s worth of Rations
Blank Books/Scrolls (2 bu worth)
9 items of gifts

  • 30 Willow
  • 10 AP
  • 10 Fleshcutter
  • 5 Humming Bulbs
  • 5 Ropecutters

7 zeni


Bog Hag
Tainted Bushi

Asako Makiya

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