Bayushi Yae

The Dreamless Scorpion Samurai-ko.


Basic Stats

Name Bayushi Yae
Clan Scorpion
School Bayushi Bushi
Rank 2
Experience Points 8 Unspent
Insight 162/175

Honor 2.3
Glory 2.0
Status 1
Shadowlands Taint 0

Earth Ring
Stamina 2
Willpower 3

Water Ring
Strength 2
Perception 2

Fire Ring
Agility 3
Intelligence 3

Air Ring
Reflexes 3
Awareness 3

Void Ring

Insight Rank/Reflexes: 5+1k1 = 6k4
Modifiers: N/A

Armor TN:
Type/Bonus: Light (Plus 5 Armor Bonus)
Reduction: 3
Current TN: 25

TN Bonus:+5
Quality: Normal
Notes: +5 TN to Athletics/Stealth


  • Courtier (Manipulation, Gossip): 3
  • Defense: 3
  • Etiquette: 3
  • Iaijutsu: 3
  • Kenjutsu (Katana): 4
  • Sincerity (Deceit, Honesty*): 3
  • Perform (Singing): 3
    Stealth (Sneaking): 2
    Medicine (Antidotes, Wound Treatment): 3
    Lore (Scorpion): 2
    Temptation (Seduction): 2
    Investigation: 2
    Lore: Poisons: 1
    Lore: Heraldry: 1
    Craft: Poisons: 2
    Juijutsu (Martial Arts): 1
    Knives: 1

*Because of the Honor’s Lesson Dojo, the Honesty Emphasis doesn’t count toward the normal Maximum number of emphasis’s allowed for the Sincerity skill.

School Techniques

Rank 1: The Way of the Scorpion
Bonus 1k1 to initiative rolls. Bonus +5 to Armor TN against opponents with Lower Initiative.

Rank 2: Pincers and Tail
Can Use the Feint Maneuver for one raise instead of two.


Read Lips: Can read lips by making a Perception Trait Roll against TN 15 + 5 for every twenty feet away from you the speakers are.
Sacred Weapon: Scorpion; Shosuro Blade. 4k2 katana; add +5 to TN to resist poisons applied to blade. (Her blade is named Azatoi, which means clever.)
Silent: Add 1k0 to all Stealth rolls.
Voice: Add 1k1 on any Perform Skill Roll that utilizes your voice.
Honor’s Lesson Dojo: See the Honor’s Lesson Dojo wiki page.


Compulsion (Sake Before Bed): Must make a TN 20 Willpower roll to resist the urge to drink Sake before she goes to bed. (A Medium Compulsion.)
Cursed by the Realm (Yume-do): Requires 10 hours of sleep instead of 8 to regain void. Is plauged by horrific nightmares.
Failure of Bushido (Honor): Cannot add her Honor Rank to any roll to resist Intimidation or Temptation.
Leachery: Opponent gains a 1k1 to all Seduction rolls made against Yae.
Bad Fortune (Secret Love): Someone out there will go to any lengths to sabotage any relationship Yae enters, whether it be political, or otherwise.


  • Light Armor
  • Daisho
  • Han-Kyu Bow
  • 15 Armor Peircing Arrows
  • 5 Humming Bulbs

Travelers Kit (Includes):

  • Mask (Fine Quality)
  • Bottle of Sake (20 Cups worth)
  • Medicine Kit (66 uses left)
  • Daisho Stand
  • Rations (10 Days worth left)
  • Sake Cup
  • Tent
  • Bottle of Water
  • Tatami Mat
  • Chopsticks
  • Mask Kit (Fine Quality)
  • Tea Kit (10 pots worth of leaves, 5 Camomile, 5 Green Tea)
  • Tea Kit (10 pots worth of leaves, 10 Cherry Blossom Tea)
  • Blanket x2
  • Walking Stick
  • Straw Hat
  • Sturdy Kimono’s x3
  • Bayushi Tangen’s Lies (Books)
  • Pillow Book (Yae’s Journal)
  • Sumi-e Box
  • Tea Set (Nemuronai)
  • Excellent Quality Kimono (Gift from Sumitomo. It’s worth noting that it’s actually a Courtier’s outfit, which amuses Yae as she see’s herself as more of a Bushi than a Courtier, but is never the one to say no to beautiful Kimono’s. The kimono itself is red, with black trim and black dots throughout the kimono. However, upon further inspection, the tiny black dots are actually her family mon, as well as her clan mon. It’s twenty layers, and each layer is thin to the point where Yae almost dreads wearing it.)
  • Fine Quality Kimono (Gift from Anzuko. It’s Red, with a Black Scorpion running over the right side of it.)

1 Koku
1 Bu
5 Zeni

Bog Hag
Tainted Bushi
Kyonshi no Oni


“Sing me to sleep, Sing me to sleep
I’m tired and I – I want to go to bed…”

Personal Information:
Sex: Female
Age: 15
Height: 5’2
Weight: 125 lb
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown

Father: Shosuro Seiichi
Mother: Bayushi Tomoe
Siblings: Konyo, age 7
Mina, age 5
Martial Status: Unmarried, Betrothal status Unknown
Sensei: Shosuro Fuyumi

The rest is coming soon!

Bayushi Yae

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