Blood Hound

A very large man, with a scar from the side of his throat to his ribs.


Is rumored to be a very skillful, if not lethal, bounty hunter. If he shows an interest in a bounty, he always is the person completing it. No one knows how he manages this, but that’s where his reputation comes from.

Oniji said he actually knew two guys who were bragging about finishing a job once, but Blood Hound ended up being the one to turn it in.

Was later confronted in Doce, a middle-class Inn in City of the Rich Frog. It was discovered that he had paid Tokumo to find someone who could keep an eye out for anyone who had claimed to kill the Maho-Tsuki and tell him. A servant was then instructed to go through the samurai’s belongings and return the head to him.

akodo-toyan discovered through subtle clues that Tokuma’s family was being threatened, and was reluctant to say anything of their deal to save his family. After much coaxing, Toyan was able to convince him that he could keep him safe if he told them the truth. Toyan challenged him to a dual on behalf of the local Magistrate, before a fight broke out within Doce after Tokuma confirmed that Blood Hound had been the man who hired him. Toyan won the Iaijutsu Dual, and showing his skill by following the scar across Blood Hound’s body with his katana.

Afterward, the Magistrate formally charged him with the fight and with threatening the life of another samurai. To Kuni Takosha’s dismay, he was not charged the theft because a servant had actually stolen the items, even if ordered to by Blood Hound.

He is currently under house arrest.

Blood Hound

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