Doji Heiji

Wise old Crane; Emerald Magistrate.


Doji Heiji is an aging man, his hair almost completely white (naturally). He is starting to lean forward, noticibly when he stands for a period of time. He is still 5’5", lean man for his obvious age. When he smiles, which seems more often than appropriate, he keeps his lips masked by a tea cup he keeps handy.

The group first met Doji Heiji in their travels to the Lion Lands. Shortly after defeating the Maho-Tsuki and her guards, they find a Lion boarder patrol. Instead of causing problems, since Toyan was the only one with Lion papers, he instead immediately requested a clan/emerald magistrate to report to, bypassing all formality and going straight for their duty.
After being escorted by Commander Matsu Ukyo’s guardsmen, they were led to the middle of a small village. Next to the well was Heiji, an almost completed scenary painting in front of him. Waving the soldiers away, he told the group to follow him and entered a hut he had accomodated for his stay, not waiting for them to reply. They were provided tea and civility as they drank away the tires of the day, just chatting amicably with the Doji, who later identified himself as an Emerald Magistrate. They reported their tainted findings, from the Bog Hag in the Rich Frog who started it all to the Maho who had perished earlier that day. He said nothing to them, no remarks as he spent the hours recording their report. Afterwards, when there was nothing else to report, he made copies for each samurai (including Oniji, rolling up one for himself and a sealed on for Toyan. He offered them a room for the night before they returned to the City and reported the Maho’s death to the mayor, Sumitomo.
The next morning they shared a breakfast together, Heiji implying they may want to hurry this business along before they report back to their Daiymo’s and “see the wind change”. However, he and Toyan found time to practice their sword draws at sunrise, having a friendly game of speed. Heiji beat the younger man, but only barely.

During their amicable conversations at tea, Doji Heiji did not skirt around his belief that ALL Kuni, even Crab’s in general, should have the opportunity to carry a few jade leaves with them after they have completed their gempukku. “They should still report any usage, of course, but it is imperitive to receive the help of those leaves when the corruption is fresh instead of letting the taint go stail with the leaves!”
One interesting note is how Heiji prepares his painting ink. Before he started the reports, he dipped his finger into his tea cup and let a few droplets of it fall into his ink. He mixed it into his ink w/ his quill, allowing it to blend in before he took the group’s report.

Doji Heiji

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