Hida Takashi

Intimidating crab, carries two katanas w/ his wakizashi


Rank: 2
Insight: 1/151
Exp: 5
Clan: Crab
School: Hida Bushi
Honor: 3.7——Glory: 1——Status: 0

Earth: 3
Water: 3
Air: 2
Fire: 2——Agility 3
Void: 2

*Athletics: 3
*Defense: 3
*Heavy Weapons: 2 (Tetsubo)
*Intimidation: 3
*Kenjutsu: 5 (katana)
*Lore-Shadowlands: 1
*Jiujutsu: 4
Artison-Tattoo: 2
Craft-Tattoo Inks: 1
Hunting: 1
Etiquette: 1
Meditation: 1
Battle: 4

--Blood of Osano-Wo (Immune to weather & natural elements; Spells with natural elements take a – 1k1 to damage)
--Quick Healer (Consider your Stamina 2 higher for purposes of recovering Wounds)
--Strength of the Earth (Reduce Wound Penalties by 3)
--Great Potential (Kenjutsu; Raises limited by Skill or Void, whichever is higher)
--Servant (Yasurai – Peasant): 1 point to allow follower status.

--Anti-Social (-1k0 to all Social Rolls, considered rude)
--Brash (If insulted or threatened, must make Willpower TN 25 or attack immediately)
Cursed by the Realms (Gaki-Do) Hungry Dead will target you first, no matter what.

Sturdy Clothing
Heavy Armor
Tatami Mat
Bottle of Water
Tattoo Needles
Tattoo Inks
Rope (50’)
Week’s Rations
Flint & Tinder
Daisho Stand


Takashi is a fairly big crab, with rock hard muscles and plenty of scars: one horizontal across his stomach; one down vertically over his right eye, that continues down his cheek, down his neck, and down the right side of his chest ,and stops just before the scar on his stomach; and on the underside of his right arm, deep, and thick; also on the palm of his right hand.

He has scruffy long brown hair that he often keeps down and green, weathered eyes. He drinks tea a lot, and refuses to drink saki, and even gets offended when offered. He acts quickly, often without thinking, and doesn’t like waiting, for anything. He doesn’t like talking and often views it as a waste of time. He hates when he is asked too many questions.

He is roughly seventeen, but looks like he has experienced more then most people twice his age. He rarely smiles, and when he does it’s usually to insult someone. He has two katanas, one that he uses, and one that he’s saving to use for someone.

His saya for his first blade, is blue with a steel gray crescent moon on it.
His saya for his second blade, is white with black stars all over it.

Bog Hag
Tainted Bushi
Kyonshi no Oni

Hida Takashi

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