Kakita Anzuko

A Crane taught as a Kakita Duelist and a Bayushi Courtier, was skinned or impersonated by a Bog Hag.


His father is Kakita Akio, proprietor of the Jellyfish Inn and Jellyfish House in the City of the Rich Frog.

He is a thin, lean man of age 17. He carries himself with an easy step, careless abandon, and is usually informal. He is around 5’7", wearing a fine kimono blending his heritage together; a red crane swooping from his shoulder and back with a white scorpion crawling up his left leg. His hair manages to be a light black, keeping hues not quite brown in it.

Just completed his gempukku when his troupe was attacked. They were on their way to the City of the Rich Frog to collect his father’s earnings from his Jellyfish business. He explained that he saw his men ripped to pieces by the Bog Hag but was tossed into the river they were traveling by and was swept away by the current. When he came to he was miles away from the fight, suffering from broken bones and missing everything he had been traveling with except his minimum kimono. He spent almost a month recooperating and finding his way back to the City he was supposed to be going to.

His things, including a “conquest bag”, an explicit pillow book, daisho, and an origami lotus flower in a glass box, were all sent back to his family when the group thought he was dead, having killed the bog hag who was looking like him.

The group first met him when he was dancing with Bayushi Yae at the celebration for the City of the Rich Frog. After the group intervened, at Akodo Kaoru’s suggestion, he was forced to leave the party. Shortly after, a messenge was received, stating that he was “waiting near the kabuki stage” with a friend. The group donned on their weapons and armor, anticipating trouble, and met him at the stage.

A ronin who had been dancing nearby was a hostage, held by someone in a kabuki outfit and mask. Laughing shrilly, the man under the mask explained how upset he was when they interrupted his fun with Yae. He tossed off the mask, showing he was in fact the same man who had been dancing with her, Kakita Anzuko! They could now clearly see the blotches of skin that were decaying around his hand and throat, sagging a bit unnaturally.

The group was able to dispense of the creature, later identified as a Bog Hag by Hida Takashi, without anyone taking any serious injures. They had defeated the Bog Hag, without casualties, but were still unclear as to why he/it had chosen Yae’s face to be its next, or who the previous owner of it’s current face was.

A few days later, as Yae was wandering the backalleys looking to find the source of a commotion, she found a few Ronin attacking..Anzuko?! After sending the Ronin away, Anzuko quickly explained how he had been waylaid by a Bog Hag on his travels here and had been slowly healing from the attack, having just arrived in town that morning. Kaoru didn’t trust him, thinking he was another Bog Hag in disguise, Yae believed his story, and the rest seemed unsure. So they decided to take him to the Temple of Shinsei and see if he was tainted. When nothing happened, however, the rest seemed to relax a bit more around him, although Kaoru’s opinion didn’t much change.

He was sent home, without his belongings (since they had already been sent when the Bog Hag was destroyed) after helping the group rescue his friend Shosuro Kachiro, who was kidnapped shortly after Anzuko was rediscovered.

Anzuko was rumored to have been trained to become the next Imperial Messenger.

Kakita Anzuko

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