Matsu Seka

An aggressive Matsu samurai-ko, with ebony hair and piercing amber eyes.


A courageous, if not bloodlust, Matsu. She embodies all that make the Matsu powerful; independent, bull-headed, beautiful, courageous, reckless, spirited, and short-tempered. She stands 5’5", with ebony hair, loosely tied into the maiden’s knot. Her eyes look like amber, although most people are too scared to look deep enough to see if it’s a trick of the light.

Seka was one of the lions who patrolled the boarder between the Ronin’s unclaimed land and the Lions. She also happened to be the most opinionated of the patrolmen when it came to how to deal with the group’s lack of traveling papers; “They’re spies and we should kill them now before they report whatever they found,” to be precise. However, her commanding officer Matsu Ukyo disagreed, instead finding himself in a philosophical debate on the Codes of Bushido. In the end, they were permitted to pass (something Seka openly disagreed with).
Minutes later, there were Bakemono upon them, a small army had rushed in through the forest! She charged in with the rest of her clansmen, followed shortly by the group. It didn’t take long for her to start shouting quick orders to the Matsu near the front lines, although she did notice that the big crab was wading in through the bodies with them. She started shouting words of competition with Takashi, telling him she’d have more goblin heads at the end. He gladly accepted her challenge, and they started to wade further into the throng.
An hour in they fought together, with Akodo Toyan, against three of the greenhorns who had fallen pray to the Goblin Maho-Tsuki’s dark magic, coming back after having been slain to kill the other samurai! They were easily defeated, though she hid the pain of slaying her brothers well. She continued her banters of victory as she ran back into combat.
Near the end of the third hour, however, she had to fall back. She had taken too many injures, and however reckless she was, was not suicidal. She had ran over to Toyan’s side when he had fallen, knowing that he was still her brother in clan and arms. She attempted to fight off the goblins that were surrounding him, but soon she too fell. Thanks to the magic of Kuni Takosha and the medicinal aid of Bayushi Yae she did not stay on her back for long.
When she was able to talk to her “competitor” who had won the death toll, he did not offer words of praise or victory. He didn’t even loard it over her, instead simply introducing himself. This took her by surprise, and the heat of the battle shifted into one of another heat. She gave him her name, and after talking about the battle for a little as camp was built, offered him some cherry blossom tea, something a friend of hers had given her a LONG time ago. Something she honestly thought she would never use. Throughout the rest of the day the two teased each other; dressing battle wounds, sitting fairly close to each other, passing suggestive glances.
Later, when the camp was dark and everyone slept, Takashi snuck into her tent and they were given a night of enjoyment in each other’

Matsu Seka

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