Practicioner of the Forest Killer Ronin School, ex-bandit, uses a no-daichi


Oniji was one of the bandits who had ambushed the heroes after they left the “Eta Village” while they were tracking the Maho-Tsuki. After Bayushi Yae distracted him in battle and he saw what his fellow bandits were willing to do (like turning Yasurai into a hostage) he stopped fighting. Akodo Toyan then persuaded him with the opportunity to earn koku while hunting and slaying a maho. He joined up and helped track down, and eventually slay, the maho.

Oniji is trained as most ronin are; the ability to “sleep with one eye open”. He is very fond of his no-daichi, which he acquired in a brawl with a few lion samurai, although he has stripped it of its colors as to not lose his head, or worse.
He considers himself better than most bandits because he does have his own sense of honor. You don’t abuse the lower class, because they have it done enough already. Don’t drink til your stupid. “Don’t trust because its comfortable; a blade is NEVER cozy,” he used to quote.
He does, however, have a sore spot. Something he doesn’t talk about or explain, but he has an unnatural hatred for the dark arts and taint. He hasn’t explained it, but anytime one is mentioned, unless he is in battle against it, he will break all etiquette to spit on the ground in disgust. He is generally a laid back guy who would prefer honest work to petty thieving, but one just is more reliable and profitable.

He is currently in a friend/unfriendly rivalry with Hida Takashi. They are usually trying to scare the other into conceeding victory, but this ends up extending the conflict between them further.

Tainted Bushi
Kyonshi no Oni
Goblin (Bakemono)


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