Geisha at the Jellyfish House


Sajuron is one of the “high” geisha’s at the Jellyfish House, inside the City of the Rich Frog. She was the one considered foolish enough to accept the one-eyed, dark lion Akodo Kaoru. However much all the other girls feared this battle-hardened samurai, she was intrigued by him and took him to her room.

She is a professionally trained geisha by the Scorpions, who discovered her beauty when she was very young. This is where her way with words and her ability to read people has come from, the man who found her was none other than a Scorpion Courtier. Now she is no samurai, and there for never learned the techniques so prized by the clans. However, she DID learn the arts that anyone with opportunity could, such as she. Years later, when her sensei passed away and his geisha house moved to new hands she was sold to Kakita Akio, where she has been performing, playing with, and entertaining the male samurais.

Because of her background, Sajuron specializes in the Scorpion clientel. Which her mama-san is more than happy to let her since it requires a brave or foolish girl to be willing to dance near so many unseen weapons. Her talents include; tattoing, calligraphy, singing, dancing, and conversation. Her secret love is sadane, a court game that geisha cannot play with their clients because to insult one is to have none return. But this does not stop her from secretly fancying herself a game with the girls or imagining herself in a court as someone’s consort and getting a chance to really play.


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