Mayor of the City of the Rich Frog


A squat, bald man in his late thirties. He has a short, pointed moustache trimmed around his lips. Wears a very extravagant brown kimono with light green trim. He hides his “happy” belly well beneath the kimono. Wears a wakizashi, but no katana.

The group first met Sumitomo when they made a report on the Maho-Tsuki that attacked them. He had offered them to dine with him as they made their report. Once they had completed, he called for one of the artists to draw a sketch of the bloodspeaker and immediately had multiples made to start a bounty. He told the group they were welcome to hunt her down and complete their business with her, and be paid the bounty as well. “This, of course, does not include the finder’s fee I will be providing you for bringing this to my attention,” he had added with a smile.

The group later discussed business with him to return the head of the Maho, having found and defeated her. He was very proud of their work, and thanked them for working so fast. In honor of their dedication, and their destruction of the Taint within his city, he presented each samurai with 5 Koku, and a very expensive gift. To each person’s surprise, it was something personal for each one, showing a very impressive degree of knowing the group’s interests, individually.

Everyone knows Sumitomo visits the geisha house quite regularly. In fact, his yoriki admitted that if he’s not at the manor, he would be there. He sends out for the more exotic foods from the Jellyfish Inn, who stocks up food and spices from all over the empire.


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