A 15-year-old, autistic peasant girl.


Insight: 120
Status: 0
Initiative: 3k3
TN to be Hit: 20
Wounds: Nicked ( +3): 14, Grazed ( +5): 18, Hurt ( +10): 22, Injured ( +15): 26, Crippled ( +20): 30
Recovery: 4

Earth: 2
Water: 2
Air: 3
Fire: 1——Agility 2
Void: 2

Etiquette: 1——4k3
Drawing: 5——8k3
Defense: 3——6k3 (May keep the same result from one round to next if staying in Full Defense Stance)
Games – Kemari: 2——4k2
Lore – Nature: 1——2k1
Athletics (Running, Climbing): 3——5k3 (Moderate Terrain no longer impedes/water – 1 w/ Difficult)
Hunting: 2——4k2
Animal Handling: 3——6k3 (Commonly domestic animals may be trained for others)

Great Potential – Drawing (4): When you make Raises on a Skill Roll using that Skill, your Raises are limited by your rank in that Skill instead of your Void Ring. If your Void Ring is higher, however, you may use that as a measure for your Raises if you so choose.

Compulsion (4): Must draw whenever she is stationary. TN (25) to resist, or she is compelled to draw around herself, no matter the circumstance.
Disturbing Countanence (3): You are not necessarily unattractive, merely disturbing in some way. The TN of all your Social Skill Rolls is increased by +5.
Phobia – Rain (2): All TNs are increased by +10 whenever the “object” of her fear appears. Water coming down (rain, waterfall, bucket of water dumped, etc).


Yasurai stands as a very lanky, 5’6" peasant with doe eyes. Her face and hands are usually covered or smeared with dirt, as are the knee prints on her kimono. She is usually carrying a long walking stick & a much smaller stick in her right hand. A straw dollie is always in hand or tucked in her obi.

Her parents were killed while she was in the forest. A fox saved her by bringing her food and sheltering her until her adopted parents discovered her. Somehow, however, she was not only discovered as a young babe who survived the weather & dangers of the forest, but she had a small straw dollie she coo-ed and played with, scaring away any fear she should have had.
She lived for most of her life in a farming village just a day and a half north of the City of the Rich Frog along a river bed. She was the heart of the village, each person taking an active role in her raising. Many hoped with their help they could help her become what is kharmicly and celestially acceptable in the empire.
However, a group of Kappa attacked her village 3 days before our heroes met her. She was one of a handful who survived the attack, running to hide in the “Eta Village” just half a day back, leaving behind the Abandoned Village.

She is autistic, missing almost all basic social cues. Her understanding of what is considered appropriate speech patterns is limited, but this does not inhibit her ability to speak. No social grace, she moves quickly but with little purpose. She does not like being left alone, and comes off as “overly affectionate, clingy, touchy”. Things in Rokugan that are, let’s say, less than appropriate for anyone, none the less a peasant. There is one thing socially she has mastered, in her own special way. She takes maticulous care of her utensils, taking upwards of 5 minutes to display them properly when she eats. Her fashion, however, states that she does not actually USE the utensils and chopsticks she set up.


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