Active Challenges

Provide me a copy of your character’s history. I am looking to see mention of your disadvantages/advantages, where you acquired any unique items/looks/scars, mention of at LEAST one family member and one friend, how your character was in school, and for it to be written up until you received your first mission.

  • Worth 1-8 pts, depending on content, making me laugh, and general entertainment value. I will not be judging on spelling or descriptions, just help me get inside their head so I can plant evil in there later. ;)
  • Earned: Akodo Toyan, Asako Makiya, Bayushi Yae, Akodo Kaoru, and Kuni Takosha

Please fill out the 38 question survey on your character. I am looking for thoroughness, thoughtfullness, and honesty. One word answers will take away from the thoroughness, since it doesn’t give you the chance to elaborate.

  • Worth 1-5 pts, based entirely on content.
  • Earned: Akodo Toyan, Asako Makiya, Bayushi Yae, Akodo Kaoru, and Kuni Takosha

Fill out your character’s individual wiki page. I am looking to see information about their everyday kimono, what their saya looks like, personality quirks, fun tid bits you’d like to share, their age (or estimated), and what they look like (ie, hair color, style, eye color, height, etc).

  • Worth 1 pt.
  • Expires on 12/7/11, the day we should be playing. The exception to this rule is any new characters/players coming in, in which case you will have an extention.
  • Earned: Bayushi Yae, Hida Takashi, and Akodo Toyan.

Expird Challenges

Write your miniseries to follow the prologue. You have all just went your separate ways from the City of the Rich Frog and are going home to train. What happens along your travels, who do you see/fight/bed, who trains you, what courses do you take now that you have a taste of Rokugan outside of your home and comfort? Please write as much as you’d like about anything along the way home & about your experiences training, even if it’s just the list of “courses” you take. I will not be sending out epilogues for you to write up to, so I ask that you all end just at the point where you receive a summons. I will be stealing you next week during our normal Wednesday session to tell you what happens at the summons, by whom, and what it’s about. Also, if you are purchasing/modifying your character through this mini, you gotta “show and tell” me what happens to warrant it. This includes if you would like to add a Dojo to your character’s list of achievements and perks.

  • Worth 1-? pts, until I receive these miniseries, I have no clue how many pts I will be handing out.
  • This challenge expired on 11/30/11.
  • Earned: Hida Takashi, Akodo Toyan, Bayushi Yae


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