City of the Rich Frog

The city is growing extremely fast. It is right in the middle of the Lion, Scorpion, and Crane lands, but is claimed by none of them and that is its true influence and charm. A 100 years ago a small band of ronin, tired of paying taxes to an empire who treated them as “lower” samurai, decided to make themselves a home away from home. Well, within its first year many more samurai, seeking anything from refuge and safety to someplace to work their dirty businesses, found their ways here.

It is now the most highly ronin-populated city (next to Otosan-Uchi) and very infamous. Not only does no one in the city pay homage to any one clan, but they also avoid paying taxes because of this. Many times one of the various clans has attempted to capture the city and name it as their own, but before they even can set foot their opposition fights off their army, protecting a potentional investment of their own.

Everyone knows that one day, if the three clans were to negotiate, the city’s appeal and freedom would be lost. But one day, the Kami will rewalk the planes. No one worries though; it won’t be happening anytime soon.

Sumitomo is the mayor.

It has now also been discovered that there is at least one location that, under the cloak of night, a jiujutsu ring appears. Behind a small, outdoor pub is head a ring where men can participate in jiujutsu matches for coin and sport. Because of the inherit breach in Bushido and Honor, it is only done at night, well after those with codes would be retiring. However, this is a city of ronins, so many people know of its existence.

City of the Rich Frog

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