Gaki, sometimes called “hungry dead,” are spirits from the realm of Gaki-do who have entered the mortal world.

The typical Rokugani often has diffi culty telling a gaki apart from a true ghost and indeed many Rokugani regard gaki as simply a form of ghost. Only those with deep knowledge of the spirit realms, or who have made a detailed study of ghosts (such as the Toritaka family), understand the difference.

Physically, they appear to be grotesque, slightly translucent humanoid creatures with clawed hands and demonic features, often with a vaguely insectoid caste.

Kuni Takosha Information
*Actually many different forms of gaki, depending on what sort of soul formed them.
*They all have in common a relentless urge to feed on something – most typically either an impure physical substance like blood or human flesh, or an impure emotion like cruelty or pain.


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