Goblin (Bakemono)

Goblins are small, vicious, semi-intelligent creatures who infest the Shadowlands in seemingly limitless numbers. They are humanoid, but with small bodies, spindly limbs, and oversized heads. Their hands and feet are clawed and their wide mouths are full of small sharp teeth.

Goblins are only semi-intelligent, and are not individually much of a threat to an armed samurai. However, they have pack instincts and possess a dangerous cunning and malice. They also have a strange knack for imitation – they will often mimic human behavior, expressions, or language.
Goblins easily fall under the sway of more powerful Shadowlands denizens, such as oni or Lost, who they serve willingly. They speak their own crude tongue, although few outside of their species ever learn it.

The Rokugani generally believe Fu Leng created goblins in an effort to replace men. Whether this is true or not, goblins have proven a persistent and tenacious danger to Rokugan.

The leader-type goblins are known as Warmongers. Any shaman within goblin ranks use a crude form of maho magic.

Goblin (Bakemono)

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