Jellyfish Inn

Located inside the walls of the City of the Rich Frog, this is the exclusive inn. In most establishments around Rokugan you are provided for by your clan and daiyimo. They pay for your meals, your supplies, even your stay while visiting outside of your clanlands.

Not here. This is inside the city, where ronin rules rule all. It is expensive, where a stay can cost you a koku, not including if you make the trip next door to the Jellyfish House.

But anyone who has ever stayed will tell you it’s worth it. The price may be high, but the quality is higher. Food from all clans are brought here, so no matter what your taste or your background, you can find a small piece of home. Exotic spices from the Unicorns and cooking styles from the minor clan Mantis are found here, somewhere, if you have the right coffers.

This Inn is run by Matsura & financially supported by Kakita Akio. Between Matsura’s financial savvy and ability to please and Akio’s opportunistic personality, they have led the way in culture and extravagance in these businesses, almost lost to most of the clan hidden in the ronin’s city.

Jellyfish Inn

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