Kyonshi no Oni

It was fought in the Forest Border of the Lions and summoned by a Maho-Tsuki being tracked since the City of the Rich Frog.

An undead monstrocity almost 9 feet tall. Its face looked like it was stretched tight across the eyes, but the flesh was almost dripping near the cheekbones. Sharp teeth protruded from its mouth and empty sockets looked back at you. Skin like leather covered the rest of its body, except where only bone showed at each and every joint. Its fingers were long and thick, although it was quickly identified to have claws hiding beneath the surface. The stench of rotting flesh and a tannery came off this oni in waves. And its bony legs bent backwards at the knees.

Kuni Takosha Identified

  • Its claws were made of obsidian, something would help it rend through most defenses.
  • Its undead origin would allow it to keep standing no matter the condition of its form, until it was completely destroyed.
  • Its teeth would allow it to, eat, the flesh of the dying and helpless around itself to regenerate.

Kyonshi no Oni

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