Forgotten Fate

It is the year 1122. Hantei Jodan, the 38th Hantei, sits on the jade throne. He has been on the throne for 19 years, watching and directing all of Rokugan. The empress was lost 11 years ago to a Bloodspeaker’s cult, who almost sacrificed the heir. Rokugan has bore witness to both a Major and Minor Clan daiyimo’s passing into the mortal realm in the last 3 years. All who listen can hear the winds of change; feel it in the air.

Change comes in both good and bad. With the sacrifice of a wife, a new family is founded. With the death of clan daiyimos, a Minor Clan is created. Things come in swings; a balance can be found if you are willing to see past the trajedy.

These are the stories of the past, however. Many things in that past have been swayed by just one samurai’s action. It is time now for you to take your journey, and see what things shall pass because of your presense, or absense. What future do the Kami see for you, what changes will occur because of your choices. Only time will see who is the villain, who is the savior and who is forgotten.


Forgotten Fate

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